An indoor NFAA 300 round consists of twelve 5 arrow ends at 20 yards, for a total of 60 arrows.

NFAA Indoor target

Ok, here it is, I’ve numbered the target with red numbers to clarify it. Anything in the white circle is awarded a 5 to include the inner X ring. X’s are used as tiebreakers, so if you shoot a score of 250 with 10 x’s and the guy next to you shoots 250 with 11 x’s they win.

An NFAA 300 round consists of 12 ends shot at 20 yards distance. That means you’re up at bat 12 times. Each end consists of 5 arrows, so you will step up to the line shoot 5 arrows, score them, retrieve them and then do it again, 12 times.

Here is the math part, each arrow has the potential of 5 points, so in each end you have the potential of scoring 25 points. 5 arrows shot x 5 points = 25 points.

There are 12 ends so if you shoot a perfect 25 in each end you will score 300 points.  12 x 25 = 300

Archers have 4 minutes to shoot 5 arrows. Capiche?

NFAA Indoor 5 spot

Now to Vegas… as in what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, as least 3 times per end that is.

Vegas target – 

In a Vegas round there are 10 ends. You shoot 3 arrows per end for a possible 10 points per arrow, or 30 possible points per end. 10 ends x 30 possible points = 300 possible points. The smallest inner X circle is 10 points as well as the next greater yellow circle. Your X count will go towards deciding tiebreakers. Competitors have 2 1/2 minutes to shoot 3 arrows.

. NFAA rules state that you can shoot the Vegas 3 spot target in any order but you must shoot just one arrow per spot.

One last important thing to know of all NFAA rounds and targets. If your arrow is touching the line of a higher scoring zone you are given the higher score. For example if you are shooting a blue face and your arrow is in the 4 ring but you are touching the 5 white ring, you are awarded the higher 5 point valuepe your paragraph here.

        League nights are full of shooting fun and competition, Combined with archery camaraderie makes for pure entertainment, members are always willing to help each other, give shooting advise and share the latest equipment tips. Archers form their own teams or are placed on teams (4 per team). Members that cannot commit to teams are designated as substitutes, and are always needed.

       The Indoor Season begins the first Monday following election day. Indoor seasons runs approx 16 weeks. The 1st night is a casual  meet and greet, paperwork, dust your bows off, warm up and practice, followed by 14 weeks of shooting and concluded with a fun night with awards. 

       Shooting is held in the Latah County Fair Building 1021 Harold St Moscow, Id 83843. Set up starts at 5:30, Then warm-up time until we hang the official targets at 6:45 with one official practice and then scoring starts at 7 sharp! We run with a time clock and it takes approximately 2.5 hours. Cost of shooting is $60

(club membership is also required)


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