Hello EedahowbowHunters,

We had our annual meeting Tuesday Night. In attendance was Mark Gottschalk Tawny Nelson, Jeff Nelson, Joey Browning, Tosha Browning, Ethan Adams, Derek Wakefield, Jeffrey Nelson, Tim Whitney, Joe Harder, Dick Mitchell, Joan Kerttu, and Mike Kerttu.

We had election of new board members and our new board for this year is

Jeffrey Nelson President
Joey Browning Vice President
Mark Gottschalk Treasurer
Tawny Nelson secretary 
Joe Harder General
Derek Wakefield General
Tim Whitney General

The Changes made and approved by the board

Indoor league- 
You can Pre shoot three times only with out some extenuating circumstances
All pre shot scores have to be in by 8pm Saturday 
And we will be doing ½ vegas ½ 5 spot

Youth League-
Youth league fees will be $10

The Biggest Change will to membership fees-
We are raising membership fees $20.00 and then giving incentives back at $5 rebates per 3 of hours of work done, up to $30.00. These need to be done at work parties, shoots, leagues or board approved projects that individuals or groups propose to do.

We are doing this to encourage more people to help out and get involved. If you take the opportunity to jump in and help out you can get your money back Plus and extra $10. And remember many hands make light work.

We are going to TRY to set these in advance so people can arrange to make it to these and take advantage of these rebates. These will start on Sunday the 15th at this work party.

Lastly you will be given a certificate that you are responsible for turning into mark when you renew your membership fees. If you do it online you will need to mail or give mark your certificates and he will write you a check back.

If you have any questions please call any of the 7 Board Members.

Youth League starts January 7th @ 5:30


Indoor & Youth League 

Welcome to Ee Da How BowHunters! est. 1947

Family $60

Outdoor league & shoots


Ee Da How BowHunters

Our Indoor leagues are the Heart of our Club, and Great fun to participate in. We Shoot during the Winter Months in Moscow, ID. Men, Women and youngsters of all ages,  with all archery styles are welcome



 To pre pay for the shoots or leagues go to the Payments Page

Buy Your Membership right now and start shooting!

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Individual $50

Come Shoot with us!

As Avid archers and sportsmen we love to get outdoors and not only shoot our Outdoor league but our 3-D and Field shoots as well, on our beautiful outdoor range located in Viola, ID.  

We are hosting The state 5 spot in conjunction  with the N/W Sectionals Feb.29- March 1st Please get registered